Client Workshop: NYC DEP & DPR


Forest Park, Queens NY


Client: NYC DEP & DPR

AAP NYC Urban Design Workshop

Project Team: Victor Tran (BS.URS) / ZHou Cheng (M.LA) / Xuru Yuan (M.La)

I produced all the graphics showcased on this page, unless otherwise noted. The design proposal was developed through collaborative process with my project team, and with the guidance from our instructor and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Parks and Recreation.

Our project involved identifying sites in Forest Park in Queens, NY suitable for potential stormwater management projects, then conducting a cost-benefit analysis and designing concepts for key sites.

  • Coordinated and wrote scope of work contract with the client.

  • Helped manage project, survey site, develop hand-sketched design concepts for a key sports complex site, edit final report, and present it to the client.

Duration: 8 weeks

Skills: hand sketching / project management / urban design

Tags: Stormwater management / public space

Hand Sketches & Ideation