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Community Engagement: Brutus Aqueduct Park


Community Meeting: Brutus Aqueduct Park

I helped facilitate a community engagement meeting with some residents of the Town of Brutus, NY. The number of attendees was approximately 12. In pairs, we facilitated discussion between a group of four attendees. The goal of this charrette was to identify place-making strategies and uncover the needs, desires, and priorities of the residents as well as build support for the project.

Engagement Method: Group Asset Mapping, Group SWOT AnAlysis, Wishlist Voting.

Tags: Community engagement / participatory design

Group Asset Mapping ~ 15 min

First, we printed out a map of the park. We asked the attendees to mark areas they frequent and describe the amenities that exist or are needed. This activity was used to spark conversation about how the park is used.

Group Asset Mapping
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Group SWOT Analysis ~ 15 min

Building on the previous activity, we continued the conversation and led the group through a an activity filling out a poster listing the park’s strengths, weaknesses, (design) opportunities and threats.


Wishlist Vote ~ 15 min

Finally, we asked each group to make a list of items to include in the new design. We consolidated the lists. We gave each attendee five stickers to mark items that are most important to them.